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Best Sailfishing In Guatemala 2024

Our deepsea fishing charter operation has proven itself as a top-tier guatemala offshore sport fishing team that gets results.  If the sailfish, marlin, dorado, or tuna are willing to bite we will find them.

All of our  boats are tournament-equipped sportfishing vessels that consistently produce incredible numbers of billfish (marlin & sailfish) as well as dorado, yellowfin tuna, dorado, and roosterfish. No one in Guatemala executes the renowned bait-and-switch technique better than our pro crews.


Combine our Guatemala offshore deep sea fishing charters with an all-inclusive fish-and-stay package and you have the perfect turn-key Guatemala deepsea fishing vacation.  

We know you will love being catered to from beginning to end at Mad Marlin sportfishing lodge. The incredible staff and crew will take care of everything from beginning to end.

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Salifishing Capitol 

Book a deep sea fishing charter with Mad Marlin Sportfishing in Guatemala. Choose one of our fish & stay all-inclusive offshore big game fishing packages & be catered to at our Mad Marlin luxury fishing villas.


The Lodge

We provide clients with personalized VIP service at our fishing villas. Our facilities have a huge rancho alongside the beautiful pool for good times and relaxation. Our incredible private chef and lodge attendants will see to your every need.

Incentive plans

Corporate retreats 

Our fish and stay packages are perfect for corporate retreats, employee incentive rewards, gifts to the special people in our lives. Bachelor parties, honeymoons, and graduation trips are popular offerings. 


Guatemala Adventures 

Optional trips to historic Antigua are very popular.  There you will find many opportunities for fine dining, jade mine tours, horseback riding and more.  Trips to the famous Mayan Ruins in Tikal are also available.

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Why fish in Guatemala?

Guatemala offers the best sailfishing in the world, The productive Guatemala fishing waters, as close a 6 miles offshore of the Port of San Jose, Marina Pez Vela and Iztapa Guatemala, provide spectacular year-round sportfishing action. 

Some months are better than others but there is absolutely no bad time to fish in Guatemala.  What would be considered a “bad day”  bill fishing in Guatemala would definitely be a great day anywhere else in the world.   

Your deep-sea fishing trip with Mad Marlin will likely be remembered as the best fishing trip of your life.  We teach our clients our bait and switch in our crew-taught free fishing school.  With us, you get to hook and fight fish as much as you want as opposed to simply reeling in what the mates hook.


The Fishing
Sportfishing in Guatemala

Target sailfish, blue marlin, striped marlin, black marlin, dorado (mahi mahi), yellowfin tuna as close as 6 miles from the beach. Sailfishing in Guatemala is the best in the World.  

Inshore, catch rooster fish, sierra mackerel, jack crevalle, and more. We catch mostly blue marlin and stripe marlin in Guatemala.  We do catch several big black marlin each year but they are much rarer than the blue marlin and striped marlin in Guatemalan Pacific waters.

Unlike many other crews, we let you do as much of the fishing process as you want. It is up to you. If you want to tease and hook the fish, that is fine with us.

Clients can choose to keep as much of the edible fish such as the tuna and dorado as they desire.  Our private chef at will be glad to prepare it for you. Gamefish such as marlin, sailfish and rooster fish are purely catch and release.

Fly fishing in Guatemala using the bait & with technique of marlin and sailfish is an exhilarating experience, particularly when you are targeting huge sailfish and blue marlin “marlin azul”. It is a certainty that one will never forget the day that he or she released their first pacific billfish on-the-fly. Catching and releasing a big game fish with a fly rod is quite an accomplishment and on that most anglers will never experience.

Our professional captains and crews have a well-earned reputation of success with regard to saltwater fly fishing.  Many consider it to be an exotic big game fishing trip to target monster billfish on-the-fly but for our crews, is is just another day of adventure on the Pacific having loads of fun with our new friends.



great food

Our  fish-and-stay packages include a private chef who will spoil you with amazing meals.  Whether it is preparing your fresh catch of dorado (Mahi-May), yellowfin tuna, or one of her many delicious specialties you will see that chef Kelli’s meal creations are spectacular.



Our Sailfishing School in Guatemala welcomes anglers of all levels, providing training for beginners to seasoned tournament participants looking to improve their skills prior to a big event.

Join us on our charters for hands-on fishing instruction from our experienced captains and mates, who will teach you the intricate bait-and-switch techniques perfected by Guatemala crews.

Even the most skilled anglers can benefit from learning something new with us, so come and learn from the best.

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